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Lisa Lieberman, MSW, LCSW has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1977. She received her MSW at San Diego State University. She also pursued advanced clinical training at the Seattle Family Institute as well as the Institute for Family-Centered Therapy in Portland, Oregon. Her training has made her particularly sensitive to the dynamics of family systems and how profoundly one's family of origin impacts future choices.

Currently Lisa has a private psychotherapy practice in Lake Oswego, Oregon since 1991. She enjoys her work counseling adult individuals and couples. Her practice is guided by an underlying belief in the importance of mutual respect between therapist and client. She specializes in "living with disability in the family," focusing on parents of children with disabilities, adult siblings, spouses and individuals dealing with chronic physical illness. She also co-facilitates groups in this specialty.

Some of Lisa's professional interests include:

  • Autism spectrum differences
  • Helping families manage the emotional journey when parenting children with differences
  • Respectful counseling for adults with autism
  • Supporting families to see the gifts in the challenge
  • Promoting self-determination and community inclusion for people with disabilities

For more information, contact Lisa at (503) 697-5956 or by email.

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