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Ongoing Groups

Autism Spectrum Differences (ASD) Partners' Group

A monthly support group in the Portland, Oregon area for adults with ASD and their partner/spouse. The focus is on specific ways to improve communication processes and ways to work with the challenges presented by living with ASD. For more information, contact Lisa or Roger Meyer at

This group can be reformatted as a one-time workshop to be held in your area.

ASD Professional Consultation Group

A multi-disciplinary mental health consultation group that meets monthly in the Portland, Oregon area. The focus is on providing respectful and effective services with the ASD population. Meetings consist of case presentations with feedback from group members,
sharing information about current interventions, resources and upcoming workshops. Group members have the opportunity to collaborate on providing services together.
For more information, contact Lisa or Roger Meyer at

Lisa is available to provide consultation about starting a similar group in your area.

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